Some nice kudos!

Got some nice kudos from our Senior VP the other day.  It went out to the entire organization; this is the first time I’ve gotten something like this so thought it was post-worthy.

Bill’s Overlook

Took a bike ride up to my favorite spot the other day called Bill’s Overlook.  Pacifica is an absolutely wonderful place for outdoor activities and is very underrated in my opinion.  The rest of the Bay Area believes it to be foggy all of the time; I’ve lived here for six years and I still… Continue reading Bill’s Overlook

Super Blood moon 9.27.2015

(This picture was taken using a Meade telescope and putting my Galaxy S6 Edge camera phone up to the lens) Was able to catch the blood moon at full eclipse.  Since this won’t be happening again for another 18 years I thought it was definitely post worthy.  Since the moon was in shadow there wasn’t… Continue reading Super Blood moon 9.27.2015

Japan Airlines San Francisco Circa 2007

A few pictures from my days at JAL, an absolutely wonderful airline. The Napa pilot training facility unfortunately closed in 2010. Article: Article: