Bill’s Overlook

Bill’s Overlook

Took a bike ride up to my favorite spot the other day called Bill’s Overlook.  Pacifica is an absolutely wonderful place for outdoor activities and is very underrated in my opinion.  The rest of the Bay Area believes it to be foggy all of the time; I’ve lived here for six years and I still fail to understand how so many people can remain under this delusion.  With views like this it is quite easy to get motivated to hop on the bike or take a hike.  I would have never take up mountain biking had it not been for my move to Pacifica.  I’m still working on the surfing however:  it is hard to understand why everyone wants to squeeze into a body condom, get into freezing water and then try not to drown.  It must be the Midwesterner in me saying that; I’m sure I’ll discover the surfer ethos one of these days.

Bills Overlook is here:

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