About Me

Matt Curtin

Hello!  My name is Matt Curtin and I’ve created this website for those who want to learn a little more about me beyond the usual public information and social websites.

I am a native of Columbus, Ohio and after graduation from The Ohio State University left my home state for a life overseas which began in Tokyo, Japan.  I spent three years in Japan teaching English and learning Japanese.

I then moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to pursue further work opportunities and was fortunate enough to call Saigon my home for two years.

It was difficult to leave Vietnam and return to the USA but after I discovered San Francisco and the Bay Area I knew I had to test my fortunes here just like the gold rush 49ers over a century and a half ago.  The Bay Area (San Francisco and Pacifica) has been my home since 2006 and I don’t think I’ll ever find a reason compelling enough to leave this beautiful place.

My passions are languages, cultures, history and the internet, pretty much in that exact order, with many other interests and activities following close behind.  I speak Japanese, Spanish as well as a passable French and I’ve found that knowledge of these languages have been the key to opening up entirely new worlds which have left me continually fascinated.

In the menu, you’ll find different sections which give fuller descriptions of my background.  I’ve also included my LinkedIn badge if the traditional summary is more to your liking.