Relationship Management

The job title Account Manager really should be known as Relationship Manager.  In my experience as an account manager I’m not developing “accounts” but rather establishing relationships built on trust and value.  My customers and contacts are not “accounts” but people who must bring value to their companies and it is my responsibility to help them do that through the products and services I can provide.

For the past eight years I’ve developed this skill in the positions outlined in my work experience page.  My customers are highly visible, assertive corporations that require suppliers who understand their business and can bring value to their operations.


I speak Spanish, Japanese and a passable French.

Tech skills

I do not have any professional grade tech skills such as coding or programming.  However, the internet and technology are two of my personal passions and the best way to demonstrate my technical ability is with this website.  I run my own install from on my own server (NAS) which hosts this website.  In other words, this website is physically located at my house.


There are many services out there to help build websites or store files in a cloud but I’ve always preferred to have complete control over my files, cloud storage and websites which means I need my own box.  For this I like the Synology NAS as it pretty much can do everything one would need for a personal setup.  So far I’ve had it do the following:  host websites, e-mail, VPN, cloud, home security, backup files, note service.

I like using to run the site because it is simple to set up, update and easy to transfer to new locations when it is time to upgrade hardware.  I switched to WordPress from Movable Type many years ago as it just seemed less cumbersome to use and had taken a significant lead in users and popularity.  It is now claimed that 19% of the internet runs on WordPress.  Impressive.

My passion and familiarity with technology have been an asset in the workplace and I’ve often been asked to be the SME for the sales team when new technologies or a new CRM is implemented.  In short, I’m very comfortable using, explaining, and selling technology.